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Stage Fright Creative Mixer?

What’s that? And how can it help me?

As a musician with a vision, you will find that you need people from other fields & specialties to help you achieve your goals.


Trying to find band members or need a specific type of musician for a track you’re working on?

Visual Artists

Want to create a cover artwork for your next single or album?

Video Producers

Thinking of shooting a music video?

Artist Managers & Marketers

Want someone to book you gigs or help you figure out social media?

If your answer was YES to any of the previous questions

The Stage Fright Creative Mixer is THE place to meet these people!

At this event, you’ll finally be able to meet and link up with all the people you’ve been needing to meet.
Make your music career happen and get your music projects off the ground NOW!

Here’s How To Take Part

1. Create Your Profile

Fill out your Creative Mixer profile form telling us who you are, what you do, what you want to achieve by attending this event, and what kinds of things are you up for.

2. Get Your Work Featured On Stage!

Have your work presented to all the attendees of the Creative Mixer so that people know who you are and what you’re all about.

3. Mix & Mingle

Socialize with the attendees and start finding the right people you need.

4. Keep Discovering

The end of the event does NOT mark the end of your search for the right creatives. After the event, you’ll get access to the FULL DATABASE OF ALL ATTENDEES and their profiles so you can find what you’re after!

You DON’T have an excuse anymore to put off your music career.

The Stage Fright Creative Mixer is THE solution that will jumpstart and accelerate your launch and growth as a musician!

Find the right creatives and start achieving your musical goals!

Meet 150+ creatives from various fields at the first of its kind Stage Fright Creative Mixer now!

Apply For A Ticket Now!

Limited spots available!